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Takeways at BusConf 2018

This weekend I’ve attended to the BusConf 2018, where I met a lot of great people, heard some amazing talks and had fun with other developers with the same interests as me. Here are some of my take-aways from this weekend:

  • Never again take trains in Germany, too many delays :(
  • Haskell and Elm as languages to learn more about in the near future
  • Idris and Purescript as languages to check out in the future
  • Prepare blog posts and talks (for meetups and events)
    • Why? For educating others, for educating one-self
  • Go to unconferences and code camps! The talks are setted up by the attendees, so there’s also the possibility not only of you giving a talk, but requesting another person to give a talk in a subject in which you want to know more about
  • Learn more about Cathegory Theory, I’m pretty ignorant in this subject and a lot of the concepts fliying around this conference where related to this, so better to sit down and learn!

And finally but not least: do more stuff in which you feel insecure but they make you grow professionally, in this case I’m not very deep into functional programming as other attendees, but all of them were more than happy in helping me in concepts and things that I did not understand