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Results aren't everything

Outcome shouldn’t be the only measure of success in a company. How the employees improve over time and a culture of learning should be prioritized.

Why? Think of how much the employee could help you to improve not just your product but his peers in a environment where he could improve fast over time and be able to experiment, trying and failing.

This knowledge that he gains over time will be applied to your products making them better. He’ll also appreciate it, for sure.

For example, you paid John an Analytics course, after that John started analyzing the data from your website and found that all the users left when they entered the Pricing page, well, you found out a problem, but that you wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t paid John that Analytics course and insisted him to take it.

The culture of learning won’t just stay at home, it will introduce them also in a state of flow where they will also want to learn more by themselves at home, maybe John will also learn some SEO after this, that’s great!

Other ways of training your employees and enhancing this learning culture would be conferences and promote assistance to meetups (hosting one would be a good idea!).